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Dark Mirror - The Inner Work of Witchcraft (Hardback) ISBN: 9781999639631

Dark Mirror - The Inner Work of Witchcraft (Hardback) ISBN: 9781999639631

SKU: 9781999639631

The inner work is what happens in the mind and body during ritual, and is intimately connected with embodied spirituality, which celebrates being alive and embodied. Only by connecting the inner and the outer can we create positive change in the world.


This is a book about how to relate your witchcraft practice to everyday concerns; living comfortably in your body; how to be at peace with yourself so you can help others. It is about the inner work of ritual: what happens on an inner level while the outer forms of ritual (gesture, movement, and speech) are going on. It enables you to develop more effective rituals by thinking about how ritual works. That is why it starts from the beginning, thinking about why we set up sacred space in a specific way, why we celebrate the Pagan festivals, and how that relates to Pagan ethics and theology. Witchcraft is a system of practice with specific goals, and this book inquires into what those goals are and how our practice can help us to achieve them, creating meaning in our lives. The book is aimed at people who want to ground their magical practice in a Pagan worldview and lived values, and practice embodied spirituality.


ISBN: 9781999639631

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