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The Doreen Valiente Foundation is the custodian of Doreen’s huge collection of magical artefacts and manuscripts. 

This highly prized and important collection is managed by Dr Marco Romeo Pitone, Head of Collections, and his team.  Marco adds “It really is a pleasure and an honour to lead the curatorial activities of the  DVF.  My role is to manage our collection of manuscripts and magical artefacts which are highly valuable, or even priceless, due to their rarity and their importance in the history of early Wicca. Looking ahead, we have some exciting plans!  My team has been busy digitising some of Doreen’s manuscripts to create digital data objects, or data assets, which you will be able to access from our website in due course.  Digitising Doreen’s manuscripts is a step change and will remove the often costly and outdated method of physically attending site to access the collection in person.  Digitising our manuscripts will enable access for all – regardless of where you live in the world.”

Julie Belham-Payne, DVF Co-Founder, and the Board of Trustees, is working tirelessly to find a permanent home – ideally a nationally accredited museum – to manage and display our collection

But for now, here’s a small sample of the magical exhibits from our wonderful collection.


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