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"What does Doreen Mean to Me?"

We are doing video interviews for our Youtube Channel.
We want to hear your thoughts about what Doreen means to you, please contact us to send your video tribute.


Read interviews with our trustees and The Pagan/Wiccan times and see videos of them here:
Ashley Mortimer (2014)     
John Belham-Payne (2005)
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Announced at WitchFest on November 14th 2015

The Doreen Valiente Foundation, in association with Royal Pavilion Museums in Brighton and other partners are pleased to announce two exhibitions in Brighton in 2016 which will be based on the Doreen Valiente Collection and other related collections.

Firstly an exhibition entitled "FOLKLORE, MAGIC AND MYSTERIES: MODERN WITCHCRAFT & FOLK CULTURE IN BRITAIN" which will run at RPM's venue, Preston Manor, for several months from approximately April to Septemeber 2016.

Secondly a special exhibition entitled "WHERE WITCHCRAFT LIVES" will run later in the year in its own dedicated venue also in Brighton.

Both exhibitions will be supported with a programme of events througout the year.


We are also pleased to announce the forthcoming publication in February 2016 of Doreen Valiente's biography by reknown author Philip Heselton. Again further information will be available from this website and our social media channels as it becomes avalable.

PRE-ORDERS for both hardback, paperback and Limited editions are available NOW on our webstore:



Doreen Valiente remains, simply, the most influential woman in the world of modern Witchcraft. Her fame and achievements are only surpassed by her popularity and respect among the world's Pagan community. Uniquely personable, especially in her writings, she left a legacy far deeper than the mere material, however her material legacy does remain and lies in the care of the Doreen Valiente Foundation, a charitable organisation with ambitions to share, celebrate, research and preserve her legacy - eventually in a permanent museum.

When Doreen passed away in 1999 she left her legacy to John Belham-Payne on the promise that he would "do the right thing" with it. John came to realise that "the right thing" was to form a charitable trust (The Doreen Valiente Foundation) and donate the entire collection to the trust so that it could never be split up, sold or used for personal profit and it could be properly preserved, protected, researched and made accessible to the millions of people whose lives have been influenced, whether they know it or not, by Doreen Valiente.

Doreen made posthumous history once again in June 2013 when the city of Brighton and Hove awarded her a blue plaque to commemorate her life and honour her achievements. The plaque is the first in the world awarded to a Witch and the building upon which it has been placed, where she lived for many years in Brighton, is thought to be the first council block in the UK to have a blue plaque as well, making double history.

Altar pieces from the Doreen Valiente Collection